I am so waiting for spring…


The joys of  freezing at the signing table!

This scene unfolds at the Salon du livre de Québec, so the last panel shows the Québec Parliement in the background. There was no freezing spell there, but it really happened at a similar event!

This comic page was done with my Intuos tablet and modified on Manga Studio. It is no 27 in the Splendors and Miseries of the Signing Table series, the French version here.  And yes, it was snowing when I drew this comic…

Many thanks to Jack Ruttan who translated this page from French!


Colorful neighbours

Colorful neighbours

This pic was taken last February in my garden, by minus 20 Celsius. The northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis, don’t you love Latin!) and the dark-eyed junco (Junco hyemalis) seemed to observe a truce, in order to keep their energy. They nestled in the center of a wildrose bush invaded by the vines. The junco appears more blue than gray.

Below is a better view of the cardinal, before the approach of a squirrel had the two birds hopping away. (In this very dense foliage, none could immediately fly away.)

The cardinal by minus 20 C

Those pics were taken through the windowpane, so the diminished/whitish colors were accentuated afterward in Gimp.

A Fresh Comic Page for the New Year

une page en tons de gris de la Route des honneurs

For 2014, here is this fresh comic page, scanned at 600 dpi, resized to 300 dpi, then retouched in greytones. It will be the first page of Honors Road,  a science fiction manga, from my  own Gardeners universe.  (It will be published in French and English). It is always a challenge for me drawing sea shore, especially  the foreground shallow water.

On the last day of the year, I set myself time to  draw comics. Allan Watts suggested to think about what would you like to do if money was no object. Drawing comics is my favourite activity. It helps me crating or re-creating  new worlds, and adding to the collective imaginarium.

And this is valid for all fields. Reading, sciences research, music, or even contemplating nature in silence feed our imagination.

Here are two artists-bloggers I discovered recently: Melanie Gillman, who make a good use of color pencils.  And I visit the Zen Pencils blog, by artist Gavin Aung Than. The artist draw cartoons from inspitrational quotes.

Jarre à biscuits de Melanie My good 2014 resolution : each month, I will choose a graphic artist website and give a small amount (5$, a large gourmet coffee)in his or her Cookie Jar.

Artists, musicians, writers, even the more popular among us, do not accumulate great riches. Bottom line-seeking companies, even the most successful, now frown upon  paying the artists and even steal their work when they can get away with it.



Despite the freezing cold, I wish you all a new year filled with joy and creativity! 


A little thanks for the postman

A warm thank-you (in English and French)

This is what I added on my Holiday cards this year, as Canada Post announces its plans to shut down the door-to-door mail delivery in cities.

It is a small tribute to all the men and women who are often the sole contact with older people. Already, Canadians living in the country have to drive to their new superboxes. I hope that my future city mailboxe will be in walking distance.

And the Beatles song will never resonate the same way ever:
Please, Mr. Postman

No need to know how to draw: just do a quick red sketch in the bottom left  of your envelope, with a kind word. You may do a small delivery truck if you feel up to the challenge instead of those rounded red mailboxes.

A recent batch!

The Wannabe Fan

The Wannabe FanSometimes enthousiastic fans do not know how their original story sprouted in their minds…

The endless quest… for celebrities

The quest for celeb's

As the Montréal book fair (and Expozine for my fanzine friends) looms close, here comes one of the fans from hell… You do not want that fan at your signing table!

Hoping to get a celebrity’s autograph, he hedges his bets with some artists whom he doesn’t know beforehand. He hopes to get a famed author in the field. Often, he cannot trust that someone from his own country can possibly be good.

(And, yes, it is a real rejection letter that is on the character’s mind…)

I remember a Comic Festival long ago where the organisators rolled the red carpet for the American guests of honor, while all the local artists were relegated at a 3rd story corridor. (A dark corridor, at that).

This endless quest for celebrities pervades every aspect of society.  Journals or magazines, broadcasts, all need a scattering of big-names to pique the interest of a readership. The same goes for television variety programs striving to reach a larger audience.  Most of my writer friends lament that their opus don’t even get a coverage from the medias, and it always seems that only three or four stars get all the reviews.  

And for each of us. I have my own celeb’s quest. But I discovered and appreciated most of my favorites authors long before finding out about their fame. 

There are insecurities dwelling inside each of us, and getting acknowledged by others kind of validates our work. For a “groupie”, getting the attention of a celebrity, even for a few moments, is the next best thing to fame and fortune.

So, if you meet a fan looking for stars, be understanding while reaching your inner groupie but point out all those in the sky.


Meet my Fans: Halloween Special!

The Zombie Fan

For this Halloween special, a comic originally published in a Zombie Commandos from Hell, a comic series by Stéphane Dumais. Zombies are really popular, there are various zombie races, and there’s even a training application for runners!
It is a rather amoral comic, because the poor zombie guy actually bought a comic book, so he was nicer than most straight fans! 

Happy Halloween everyone!