The July Garden

Early morning visitor. A blood-red day lily Rasberries a readily available desert Little violet flowers A garlic flowering


Violet beauty

Violet beauty

A close-up of a magnificient Lily in full bloom. Picture taken near a garden, in Montréal. I was on site for a comic arts event, the FBDM.


Foraging neighbours

Foraging neighbours   American Robin and a common grackle

An American robin (Turdus migratorius) and a common grackle (Quiscalus quiscula) happily foraging the new grass in front of the home.

Some TCAF pics

The TCAF is an annual event in Toronto for all Comics lovers. I went from the opening until 13h, sorry for all of you I missed!

Ambiance at 9hAM

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The joys of eutrophication: discover the algal bowl!

Beware of eutrophication!

Summer is (almost) on us, the urge to swim is overwhelming… But why are our lake waters becoming greenish and gluey?  Continue reading

The joys of signing: the superhero fan

Spiderman! (in civvies)

My May special of the Joys of Signing is ready !

50+ years of Spiderman… and my husband and I almost read them all!

Yes, the new Spiderman Movie is out… and, by a splendid coincidence, this weekend is the Free Comic Book Day! Come and enjoy the activities organised by the Streetsville at the Image Collections store!


The joys of signing : finding space at a Con

Lack of space? Finding space in a Comic Con

Yes, every comic con has its hassles ! All artists compete for the “prime space lots” and, at the TCAF, for any signing space. (I did not get in this year, so may be in May 2015. The upbeat is that I will have graphic novels out.)

This inspired me this page, well retouched with Manga Studio, and a slight wink to Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, the ISS commanding officer.

For the science fiction afficionados (especially those who saw Gravity!) there are at least 25 totally irrealist or unexact things, besides kiosk 63 frail “bubble”: among them, the Canadarm has changed from 2004 (the new version here), and the Space shuttles were replaced by Soyouz ships…

Moreover, you can see a lot of obsolete art material floating around the signing table! Those who can spot my Ames Lettering Guide will be reward by a cordial salute at the next Con. Where? If you missed me in the TCAF crowd, I will be at the Image collections Comic shop, for the Bread and Honey festival of Streetsville (Saturday June 7th).