Wealth and Growth


As your business grows, you reach a point where you stop creating wealth, and jobs.

Problems? Problematics?



This is a particular problem in French language, and many French-speaking locutors are unconsciously copying the English usage of the word problematic.

The adjective form is the same in both languages.

A problematic (noun) is a  thing poses a problem; the word problématique in French means an ensemble of problems linked by a common root cause.

In English the usage is in plural form only: the problematics are the uncertainties or difficulties inherent in a situation or plan.

Example: Something that poses a problem or difficulty: “[a book that] poses the problematics of memory in another light altogether”

So translating this comic has posed a problem!

Evolution of the Subs



Most mags now have “dormant” submission periods. Yes, one does open its sub page at midnight.

I can’t finish without mentioning that one brave editor, David G. Hartwell (of Tor Books), passed away yesterday. He was always nice to the new authors and visited often our Canadian SF conventions (here at Anticipation but I also met him in Boréal 2010 and Ad Astra 2014). He and his exuberantly colored ties will be missed.  

My Resolution Run



Yes, we do watch the X-Files !

The Resolution Run is an annual event by organized by the Running Room. They hold bi-weekly runs open to every one, and in winter it is better to run in a group, because of the danger of falling on ice.

There was not much snow at the 2015 RR, but half-melted, darkened snowpacks were abundant. Despite what the comic may let you think, there were crews presents, cheering us at various points on the 5-km route, so no “dark” places. 

It was a good run with the moon peeking through the branches, ominous and magnificent.

Last 2015 pencilled page…

Adalou page 43 brouillonCoul_100dpiFonce

From an ongoing SF project, Wind Mistress, page 43, pencils. Last page of 2015!

Set in Chaaas’ universe.


Merry Christmas!



Winter Gardening


Yes, a heat record for the Toronto area! The winter solstice has changed…

A glass of water at a signing table…



Thanks to my fellow colleague Yves Bourgelas for the anecdote!

Those mishaps happen, from time to time, when the place is packed full.

And my calendar is packed, hence the delay!

Book Blunder – Part II


A signed book is a treasure.  I buy a lot of books from my fellows SF writers!

(This blunder really happened: I’m known for my absent-mindedness, but no book was harmed nor thrown on the floor in the telling of this event.)

FYI: Yves Meynard is also a Tor Books published author.

Book Blunder


What happens at the end of a long day!


This slight mishap happened at the end of a long day…

My colleagues are respected writers, Philippe-Aubert Côté wrote Le Jeu du Demiurge, and Yves Meynard has published The Book of Knights  and Chrysanthe at Tor Books.

My own science-fiction book, L’Écologie d’Odi, and my 16th novel, received an enthusiastic review.  It is the first time that I write a story in a shared universe.