A solitary cardinal

A solitary cardinal perches on the vines

A northern cardinal perches on the vines
reminding me of my departed father
an enthousiast bird watcher
who left me all his guides!

May the next year be filled with light and creativity!

Solo Flight

My father, Jacques Laframboise, left early this Saturday morning for his solo flight, without compass nor map.

A 1951 Ecole Polytechnique graduate, planes and air cushion vehicles were his passion. He was still writing an article about aerotrains and computing figures on his hospital bed. Our current level of technology permitted that he passed away peacefully.

I will miss his sense of humor. But he was very serene about his going away.

My father was the first one who introduced me to science fiction.  And to graphic novels, that he read to us the evenings. He has always accepted and encouraged my love of nature and sciences, which I, in turn, endeavour to transmit to the new generations.

Celebrate Science Fiction at the 2014 Mississauga BookFest

This Saturday, October 18th, The Mississauga Central library is holding a Science fiction Spectacular Bookfest!

SF authors Rob Sawyer, Marie Bilodeau, RC Wilson, Tanya Huff will be doing presentations at the Auditorium.  Robert J. Sawyer recently received a Lifetime Achievement Aurora Award from the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association.

I will be onsite with fellow local authors, exposing (and selling) our works at the Atrium. All my 15 novels and 10 graphic novels will be there, in French and  English. Signed books are all in the 5$-10$ range.

Sunday Artist Studio is an independant publisher of YA and all age comics.

I’m proud of being a SF author. Below are a few of my recent titles from the Sunday Artist Studio imprint.

Otaku Ladies Front Cover     A comic Cover from Sunday Artist Studio: The General's Garden

Ruego Cover / Story by Jean-Louis Trudel, Salvator Dallaire, Art & adaptation by Michele Laframboise
       Negociations front cover

The Mississauga Library has most of my novels. Get a glimpse of  my SF universe. The full series (La quête de Chaaas) will be available at a discount.

Chaaas1_CouvMdpRed          Cover of Les vents de Tammerlan, GG award finalist and Aurora Award recipient in 2009

   The Koudriss Axis -- order it on Amazon.ca    The fourth volume of my YA SF  saga.

Two books from the Jules-Verne saga, another YA science fiction series.

The Jules-Verne saga, tome 1   The Jules-Verne, second tome

Here are two “standalone” SF novels…

Couverture de Mica, fille de Transyl        What if you could raise a special child to pinpoint potential terrorist threats? Ithuriel Project is a thought-provoking commentary on the evolution of bioterrorism paranoia, and of the logics of exclusion in a globalized world.

WHERE: Mississauga Central Library, 301 Burhnamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga, Ontario
WHEN: October 18th, 10-17h


When silence fell

The terrorist fan

The July Garden

Early morning visitor. A blood-red day lily Rasberries a readily available desert Little violet flowers A garlic flowering


Violet beauty

Violet beauty

A close-up of a magnificient Lily in full bloom. Picture taken near a garden, in Montréal. I was on site for a comic arts event, the FBDM.


Foraging neighbours

Foraging neighbours   American Robin and a common grackle

An American robin (Turdus migratorius) and a common grackle (Quiscalus quiscula) happily foraging the new grass in front of the home.