Signings at a Street Festival

The Streetsville Bread and Honey Festival is an occasion for our local comic shop Image Collections to showcase artists. Thanks to Todd, the shop’s owner!

So here was my nice signing table in a corner of a parking!


Here is a view from my table. Under the hot sun, but way better than last year’s rain!

View from my tableThe view from my table

I sat next to Kymberlee, a local artist making nice pendants.

Good neighboringGood neighboring… Michele trying to snatch a nice pendant from Kymberlee.

I eventually bought the little planet pendant (I wore it later for the Trillium awards readings. )

A strange event occurred, that I recorded under comic form.  As my table is on the back, the passer-by must pass in front of me to get  out. So one guy was slowly turning from my neighbour table (Spent pencil studios and McHozer Comics) and then our eyes met.

I started my spiel: Hello, do you know my  comics… But his gaze did not even registered my presence; it passed over me as if I was invisible. I talked a bit louder, Hello-o?  Hey, I EXIST!

The guy walked slowly out. One of my neighbours told me the same thing happened to him sometimes, too. But this is soo scary, like you are dephased in a parallel universe, or a fish in a bowl trying to reach out…

This spawned the following comic:

An eerie experience

This eerie experience happened later with a guy towing his son. Of course, a city Festival is not the same ambiance as a comic event like the TCAF, which draws specifically comic amators.

I eventually managed to pass a few copies of my latest comic, The General’s Garden, to the public.

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  1. Reblogged this on Savante folle and commented:

    As I put up the french version in my Mette my fans” series, here are some pics from the event. I usually do it every year at the Bread and Honey Festival.


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