My YA novel is finalist at the 2009 Trillium Awards

My YA novel La quête de Chaaas is among the 17 books nominated for the prestigious 2009 Trillium awards. Organized by the Ontario Media Development Corporation, those awards emphasize the vitality of literature in Ontario.


I found much joy in reading and, in return, I work to bring hope and confidence in the younger audience. With my scientific background, I like to elaborate intricate plots filled with sense of wonder, poetry and adventure.

La quête de Chaaas (Chaaas’ Quest) explores in depth the life of an adolescent struggling to find his own way in an alien civilization of super-gardeners. Robbed of the fruit of his quest and left to die of cold in the northern desert, Chaaas resolves to find the culprit. But a grain of chance mingles in his plans…

In the evening of June 15th, the author will attend in a public lecture will at the Harbourfront, in Toronto. The award ceremony will be held on the next day.

For infos on Chaaas’ world, see my website.


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