Anticipation orbits

The 67th WorldCon Anticipation 2009 attracted some  4000 fans, artists, writers, editors at Montréal. I had the chance of crossing many orbits and meet new friends.

The francophone friends:

Jean-Pierre Laigle, who crosses the ocean regularly to see us.

Jean-Pierre Laigle, après sa lecture

Jean-Pierre Laigle, after his readings, and the savante folle (photo by Georges Bormand). Note the nice Frankenstein T-shirt hidden under the pass

Picture 176_StephanieLucasSherylWeb

Stéphanie, Lucas Moreno from Switzerland, and Sheryl Curtis, of Montréal, translator emerita!

My pics of Mark Shainblum are not good, so I sent them directly.

I talked a little with Alain de Bussy, and Jean-Claude Duniach.

I missed several colleagues : Joe Mahoney, Paula Johanson, Mehdi Bouhalassa, … I cautgh a glimpse of Cory Doctorow, no time to buy his latest gem. And what of René Walling, this hero organizer? Always running to and fro!

Yves en Tuxedo

Yves Meynard in tuxedo, ready to host the Hugo ceremony!

JLT dans toute sa prestance, à al fin du congrès BoréalJean-Louis Trudel in all his prestance, at he end of the Boreal Congress.

Jean-Louis did also help a lot the organisation of Anticipation.

Philippe Aubert-Coté, MarioTessier et Julie Martel

Philippe Aubert-Coté, Mario Tessier and Julie Martel, on the last day, already, snif!

I took a last companiable meal at the restaurant La Popessa, with Mario, Claude Pelletier and Alison Sinclair, a Victoria moved to Montral Sf writer.

And I met a fan at Boreal, wearing one of my own designed Comic T-Shirts !

Un fan portant un T-Shirt signé Laframboise

Benjamin sporting a  T-Shirt of the Comic (Micro computer student committe of the École Polytechnique of Montréal)  signed Laframboise. The disembodied hand on his shoulder is my own…

The visitors from outer (canadian) space

Larry Niven

Larry Niven. I met him for the first time at the Torcon3 (the Toronto WorldCon).

Picture 121_JamesMorrowMicheleWeb

James Morrow, writer and philosoph; I recently discovered his ironic prose. I already have a few ribbons under my pass…

James Morrow et son épouse Kathy

James Morrow and his wife, Kathy

L'éditeur aux gouts éclectiquesDavid Hartwell, Tor Books editor, with his eclectic taste in clothes. Fortunately, Don Cherry was elsewhere! And… is that a squid on his tie?

Maybe this is the vest that goeswith the previous day’s checkered pants… Picture 163dimanche_ElisabethHartwell

Élisabeth Vonarburg with David Hartwell at the Hugo Ceremony.

Picture 050_CravateHartwellWeb

David Hartwell’s impressive collection of ties, with his fashion credo.

Credo vestimentaire

Picture 166_LaureatsHugosWeb

The Hugo winners

Les petites fusées

A Hugo finalist receives tiny wearables rockets. Guess the identity of this frequent Hugo finalist…

Frank Wu et son nouveau jouet

A happy camper in big shoes: Frank Wu testing his new toy, vrrrroar!

And… Neil Gaiman. My husband Gilles was the one who introduced me to the Sandman series (He even downloaded the complete script!)  I didn’t get much time for comics talk, since Neil was well-entoured and certainly tired from his day!

Nevertheless, he was very nice to me, even congratulating on my Aurora win! A nice fan took the photo.

Michèle, Neil Gaiman et sa petite fusée

Michèle, Neil Gaiman and his Hugo trophee

I want a little rocket, too!!!


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