A nice letter from the Mayor

This morning I received a nice letter from Mississauga’s Mayor Hazel McCallion, congratulating me for my Aurora Award, and the fact that I helped to promote literacy and a love of reading among young adults. A recent Mississauga News story was published last week.

An extract from the letter:

Your science background certainly comes in handy and has enabled you to combine your knowledge and experience in the field with your wonderful imagination and creativity. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best: “Men love to wonder and that is the seed of science,” and your book have certainly created a world of wonders for readers, transporting them into another realm of endless possibilities.

Our Mayor is a very special and determined woman, who played hockey in a professionnal women’s team in Montréal. She never could attend university, and took a secretarial course, but by determination and perseverance, and a keen interest for the no-nonsense politics, she managed to get elected Councillor in the town of Streetsville, then in 1978, she became mayor of the new merged city of Mississauga.

It is a very nice touch coming from someone I admire.


One response to “A nice letter from the Mayor

  1. Chapeau, félicitations encore.
    Et juste pour ajouter une mot, je suis content qu’une personne impliquée dans la vie publique, un maire, fasse une telle reconnaissance. Ca me donne aussi espoir pour deux raisons…

    La première, c’est qu’il me semble que tous les écrivains devraient se réjouir qu’il est possible de nos jours de s’illustrer en SF.

    Par ailleurs, cela montre aussi qu’il existe encore un esprit de communauté chez nous, ou au moins à Mississauga.


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