Images from my first experience of the 24-24 challenge, to draw 24 pages in 24 hours, at the Image Collections comic shop.

Todd giving the themes

Todd, Image Collections shop manager, giving us the challenge themes

Visitors: in the afternoon, visitors participated, contributing one or two pages.


Juliette (seated, on the photo), near my SIP mug. Also presents : Chris McQuaid from McHozer comics, and Aubry who came later and stayed until the end.

I thought I would be  falling over by midnight, but the ambiance, the oppportunity of creating without interruption, and the mad creepy music provided by Todd kept us awake (and laughing). I didn’t have to use my bed roll.


How we remained awake all night. (Dan, Aubry, Kyle, Michèle).


8 o’clock morning saw the four of us working hard to complete the challenge (photo taken by Todd)

After midday, Sunday. We did it!


From left to right: Kyle, Michèle, Daniel, Aubry, all slightly zombified but proud! (Most of us did rise around 8h00 am on Saturday morning!)

I produced “Wind mistress” (Maitresse des vents) a new story, improvised, set in my SF world. Technically, I managed to ink four of the 22 pages of this comic book, plus a cover and back-cover and 22 pages.

And for me? It was paradise. Cartooning without interruption!

The Sunday artist on the Sunday Morning

The Sunday artist on the Sunday Morning.


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