Views of Saskatoon in late Autumn

P1060589RiviereRochesPont The rocky side of the Saskatchewan River.

For the event Lire à tous vents, I had the joy to discover a Saskatchewan, visiting schools in Saskatoon and Prince-Albert. Prince-Albert was under snow, but I received a warm welcome from the staff and students.

The Saskatchewan River divides in two parts the Saskatoon city, founded in 1882.

Le bord de la riviere Saskatchewan Autumn reflection

Saskatoon had been named after the little Saskatoon bay which grew there. Seven bridges were built to reunite the two part.

Freshly disembarqued from the plane, I had a grand afternoon for visit the Mendel Museum with a nice mini-botanical garden, and the Art gallery.

PlantesP1060518 PlantesMuseeW

I was impressed by the portraits by James Henderson, realized between 1914 and 1930.

Henderson painted Indians, and was nicknamed  Wicite Owapi Wicasa: the man who paints the old men.

Galerie Mendel - portraits Portraits of chiefs with landscapes. Those faces are marked with dignity.

And, since for one I had the time, I took my tablet to copy some of the portraits.  The museums offered a lot of folding chairs for artist and art students. Here is on of my efforts.


(Guess which one from the murale…)

I visited 6 schools from threee different School boards who collaborated to make the event a success.  A few pictures of the visits, where I explain with caricatures the differences between the flavours of the literature ice cream, to introduce the students to science-fiction

P1060592 MicheleNarutoHKelseyWeb One Naruto in 30 seconds at Henry Kelsey school, Saskatoon

P1060563 TechnologieHolyCrossWebTechnologie salvatrice ! This smart board can keep the drawing in memory! (Holy Cross school, Prince-Albert, SK)

Séance impromptue de signatures après la présentations Signings at École Sister O’Brien (Ann Gordon O’Brien, social worker, helper of families and education)


The organizers made me discover the nice aspects of Saskatoon, among them, the Bessborough hotel.  Bessborough

With the Mendel museum, I found good restaurants, and never did I ate so well in a Tour! Among the new meals, The salade de poires et de fromage bleu, asperged with a vinaigrette aux Saskatoon berry, well balanced. Also, at my hotel Sheraton (near the “Bess”), The restaurant offered a lasagne au Ricotta et à la courge “Buttercup”. The dessert was, a Saskatoon berries pie.

Some hotels boast a nice interior garden, like this one.

Jardin Interieur




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