Random bag of kindness

a Mississauga bus

Waiting for the bus under a pelting rain is not always conducive to happy thoughts. Moreover, this morning of september 16th, I was en route to a Press conference of Ecole Polytechnique alumni in Toronto ( about the long-gun registry). When I took the 89 bus in Mississauga (not the no 1 on this post, taken from the Wikipedia creative commons), I would be different…

I sat my drenched weary self on the second bench from the front. An African Canadian  lady was seated in the first row.

A young Asiatic girl got on the bus, with an overload of lunch, a big plate, other trinklets and smaller bags escaping her hands. She flashed an apologetic smile around as she recaptures a trinklet.

The black lady foraged in her handbag and offered a reusable shopping bag. She helped the girl to put all her things inside. Until this time, I thought the two of them knew each other. The young girl thanked the lady and walked farther back to sit by herself.

reusable shopping bags; the lady had the blue one with a green leaf on it

How nice! I though with a sunny smile inside. (A reusable grocery bag sells one or two bucks a piece.) But it was not over yet.

A minute later, the girl came back to the front, with the empty bag. She thanked the lady, telling that she managed to reorganize one of her bag to get the rest in it, and she returned the bag.

There are many sad things occurring in our lives, but this one random act of kindness brightens this rainy day.

The older woman got out at her stop a few minutes later. From my angle, I never saw her face.

Must have been a guardian angel.


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