24-24 in Streetsville

Here are some pics of this global event, 24 hours of continuous creation at the Image Collection Comic Shop in Streetsville, October 2-3 . We started at noon this year. It took us an hour to decide what to draw, so it was around 1:30 that we got started!

An idea of the atmosphere at 9:30 PM.

Left, Daniel Oshino, our hero of last year, made a visit with her small daughter, hopefully as talented as him! Behind at the right, our fourth member and the only guy of 24-24 this year, Mike, 14.

The themes this year, (at least one):

– Conflict, internal or external

– Growth of an idea

– I do not remember the other themes!

I took the characters who were in the Japanese Brush, and developed a science fiction adventure. I planned eight pages before plunging into the production.

Also, we had friends visiting, to chat and draw!

at 9h30 PM

We tease, at 9h30. The two guys are visiting; the left one guy has passed the first 24-24 complete (he inked his 24 pages) three years ago. We see Todd, the manager of the shop, back with long hair, he has grown a beard since last year.

Kim started strong, deciding that she would produce more written pages, a bold approach. She left around 11 am. Mike and Tiff, being minors, are returning home to sleep around 11:30, planning to return in the morning. This means that I had sometime alone in the night with my drawings. It helped me because the drawing is not fast when we gossip!

This time we worked on a smaller paper format, like manga, so this helped!


A page very red by Tiffany

Tiff’s work: here is an artist to watch for! She was just 15 years, and she looks inspired by Tim Burton in its atmosphere. Her full story covers eight to ten pages. Mike produced a funny story of zombies, with 4 small panels per page, which allowed him to complete his 24 pages and even put some red on it.

Me, I let go of the color, those who know me know why! I was a little stressed around 4:00 AM because I  suddenly realized I had a chance to finish my ink, but only if I worked non stop!

Last Minute ditch

Page Last MinuteAt 11:40 AM, I finished my blanket, when, at 15 minutes remaining, Daniel, who came back to haunt us, told me about an unfinished page!

Needless to say I worked harder to finish on time!

3 Authors with their Comics

The three authors (Kim is not back yet) pose with their pages! Besides me, Mike and Tiff  rose to the challenge!

My 24h comic book!

My 24-page new comic, inked!

My inking is not perfect, but it surpasses what I did last year. A new adventure of the Otaku Ladies!


2 responses to “24-24 in Streetsville

  1. WOW!….Great Entry Michèle!

    We’d add that one label went missing in the above, that of “HEROINE [female hero]”, as in YOU, Michèle!!!

    To summarize, as our only ever ‘Repeating 24/24 Artist’, you Michèle deserve EXTRA CREDIT as not only did your friendly self enhance the atmosphere while offering pointers to the ‘rookies’, but never in our experience have we seen such DETERMINATION in a creator’s eyes to complete a 24/24 mission….which is a goal you scored with a SLAPSHOT that day!…Congrats!

    As always, a HUGE THANKS goes out to those who supported our 3rd Annual 24 Hour Comics Day by coming out to lend a motivational smile to those facing what can be defined as a ‘CREATIVE MARATHON’, both physically & emotionally draining, yet immensely satisfying at the same time…

    Congratulatory HUGS go out to Michèle, as well as Tiff, Kim, and Mitchell [the solo male to take the challenge this year…take THAT ‘sequential-art-stereotypers’!!!] for their extended perseverance and to Daniel, Chris [not pictured], Damon, and Gary, among others who popped in to visit & inspire throughout the day…

    Keep up the GREAT WORK,
    Image Collections

    PS…Thanks again go out to Michèle, who works BEYOND the call of duty to spread her LOVE of this medium, her “LITERARY ICE CREAM”:o)


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