Coming out soon, the next Chaaas novel

My next SF novel, La spirale de Lar Jubal, will be out in one month. (It will be printed in January to hit the book shops on February, just before the Outaouais Book Fair ( ).

Cover illustration of Chaaas 4 by Sybiline

On Lapsilis, a cylindrical habitat orbiting a devastated planet, young and old work hard to build a spiraling grain crop for their future world. If questor Sirius approves of this zeal which reduces the crime to almost nothing, Chaaas notices many people burning themselves out.

Then a strange disease is decimating harvests. Who would benefit from destroying the dream of Lar Jubal, the brilliant visionary lost too soon?
Lar Corom, a charismatic artist, tipped to succeed the debonair Ludrinn as the colony leader? Noalli, the embittered wife of Corom, overlooking the floating garden ? Ruffan, a fierce supporter of a return to the original purity of the Gardener’s  creation ? Or Lar Eimer, a haughty scientific  who doubts the merits of the project?

Chaaas must investigate without being distracted by the amber eyes of Lali kha Nakarli … and his warming friendship towards Corom. With the help of Kiumi, a girl acrobat, Chaaas will discover secrets that endanger more than the dream of Lar Jubal…

The novel is in French, and as it is coming soon.  If you can read a little French, the book will be available from or websites. If you have read and liked the other novels of the Chaaas series, you may let it know, either by typing a review or rate it on If you hated it: do the same thing. There is no bad publicity… :^)

The full coordinates of the novel:

Michèle Laframboise, La spirale de Lar Jubal, Médiaspaul, (coll. Jeunesse-Plus no 16), 208 p.
ISBN 978-89420-852-6.

The cover art is from artist Sybiline.  For once, you get to see the protagonist close, and Chaaas is quite handsome!




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