Summer smiles

Summer is here, and blooming! Here are a few smiles from my garden. You may use the pics at your convenience!


Perfectly ripe! Nature is as generous as last year, and we have to invite neighbors to gather the fruits!

More raspberries

Ze mighty raspberry patch!

(Yes you may have some, provided you come here!)

An unexpected guest!

An unexpected guest! Last year and the  year before, I thought those sticks sprouting from my peonies were weeds (and you know how I deal with weeds...)

The wisteria is no more, but we have some unusual four-legged visitors!!

A Wabbit! I saw a Wabbit!

Never letting his or her guard down. Always on the ready. Cottontails lead difficult lives in this urban environment, what with the cars (Mississauga is the dream city for car dealers) and the wide streets and arteries. They come out veeery early in the morning.

Shedding Wabbit, seen on my early morning run.

This one was spotted on another street, during my 5h00 early-morning run. Note that the winter spotted fur is shedding, revealing the lighter brown fur. Fortunately, our two huntresses are safely inside the house.

Bah! Huntresses, those furballs? Maggie et Minnie are VERY dangerous. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Our two fierce huntresses, Maggie and Minnie, taking a break. (Picture taken on another day.)

And, last but not least, the ultimate proof that summer in upon us… a fiery day-lily (hemerocalle)!

Fiery Hemerocalle

Yes you can!

(…use it as a background picture.)

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