Loving criminals? Erase the gun registry!

Letter to my conservative members of Parliament,


You are all fathers and mothers.

You engrave your valuables and appreciate the ability to track your stolen jewels. You acknowledge the importance of driving lessons and of drunk driving control. When you renew your car plates licenses, you do not feel treated like a criminal.

When your personal physician warns you that you consume too much fat, you listen to his advice. You do not put his science(1)  in question because you would rather eat a bag of chips. When a dangerous toy threatens the health of our children, you act upon it.

Unless the toy is a gun, from a simple rifle to semi-automatic assault sniper weapons. Then, you suddenly cross your arms.

Against all the facts and the experience of criminologists and police, you mention a “feeling of freedom,” or a “feeling of being treated like a criminal.” Just like the census long-form and the renforcement of imprisonment, against science, reason and verifiable facts, you oppose a “feeling”.

This “feeling” has been built from scratch by the propaganda of the arms dealers. Helped by powerful American associations, they aim to protect the billions of dollars in annual market sales of weapons, holsters, and ammunition in Canada. They use the same worn-out buzzwords, a mix of freedom and paranoia, hatred of others, by flattering the “vigilante” part of us.(2)

If at least your government proposed an alternative… but no. No limit to the number of weapons, as easy to get as chocolate tablet, acquired by an unchecked individual. Not even a mandatory engraving on guns. No GPS chips on them. Maybe you are expecting a superhero?

I do not write to make you change your mind, nor prevent you from making this act of autodafe by burning the registry.

It is clear that you have seen the Light and that reason alone will not make you, at the very least, keep semi-automatic assault weapons on the register . Weapons such as those used for the massacre at my engineering school carried on in December 1989. Several similar acts of revenge have been carried out by a few “law-abiding citizens” frustrated, depressed or confused…

Lost in its religious delirium of the battle of Good against Evil, your government will make life easier for the criminals stealing weapons from legitimate owners, or buying weapons and ammunition for resale into traffic. (Ooops! Excuse me, someone stole my gun!) In addition, it will force (I mean: compell) otherwise very nice people to arm themselves for defense … and some might shoot before asking questions.

Combined with your hardened prison sentences and your cuts of social support, destroying the registry will raise the criminal activity, small-time criminals against which you bring out the big cannons.

This “small-time” crime rise  concerns discouraged indigent people, lacking a  future. Their outbursts of violence or self-destruction will delight the fans of trivia, sustaining our expensive legal system. Weapons as easy to buy as a box of chocolates, overflowing prisons, busy hospitals treating the victims of trauma will complement this flourishing economy.

As for serious crime, the organized greed deeply embedded in our institutions and finance? Your silence speaks volumes.

So now, you have come full circle, erasing my hundreds of volunteer hours to limit the social damage (plus the work of thousands of law abiding citizens, all freedom lovers as you are) done since the December 6, 1989 rampage, my own September 11.

But maybe you crave, without acknowledging it, the excitement of a city rife with crime. As long as it stay away from you.

(1) it would be interesting to settle your science limit. Where do science stops and ideology begins?

(2) And they feed the confusion about interdiction and control. There are hunters in my family, and none feel threatened when they register either their gun or their car license.



2 responses to “Loving criminals? Erase the gun registry!

  1. I really enjoy your outspokenness. I especially enjoyed you poem in the former entry, Please continue to rock people`s minds. I put you on my blogroll hoping it will be noticed by my own readers.


  2. My German is not good enough to read your blog, but I can see that you have strong topics, too. Thanks!


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