A new comic page for a New Year!

page 32 of Windmistress, a graphic novel  in progress.To everyone, I wish a happy and creative New Year!

This is page 32 of my current graphic novel project, Wind Mistress, the story aof a young girl in the super-gardener’s civilisation, set in the Chaaas Universe. Worked by ink and pencil, grey tones added with the help of my trusty Intuos graphic tablet in the GIMP 2.6. I had to cut a lot of my contour lines while editing the panels, as the finished page breathes more easily.

Last year has been filled with projects, as I published three science-fiction novels at three different publishing houses! Le Projet Ithuriel,  the last book of  La quête de Chaaas, and Mica, fille de Transyl. So my current Webcomic, Otaku Ladies, (a trio of young women computer geeks) had slowed down!


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