Some TCAF pics

The TCAF is an annual event in Toronto for all Comics lovers. I went from the opening until 13h, sorry for all of you I missed!

Ambiance at 9hAM


Its only 9h20!!!


Cleopatra in spaaaaaaace! (Yes, this Cleopatra.)


History of the Hip-Hop, free!




Sfeer, a sensitive graphic novel.


Burning building comic!!! An original format by Jeff Zwirek, from Chicago, reminding me about Chris Ware, another artist from Chicago!


My good buddy James Turner and Rex Libris


His well-laden table!  Now ascending to the second story… More exhibits!


Yes, Comics can be educative! A book on the Cambrian period!ImageImage

We don’t appreciate enough  the help and support of our parents/family in exhibits. Pete  and his proud father! Image

Tara Tallan, and her comic Galaxion. I’m waiting for the next…Image

Fanny and Isabelle, authors of Jane, the Fox and Me. By Pasteque. Image

Spike (not an alias!) the writer of Poorcraft, the art of living well with less. Image

I think the comic Poorcraft is so useful everyone should get one copy! Image

Jontahon Dalton, an historian at work! 

The 1001 nights, and the artist . Below, othar fine artists in the Appel Salon. Image

, An artist who did a comic about Prince and two women on his band. ImageImage

Proud authorsImage


Second story, Decanique’s comics

Its only eleven in the morning...

At 11h…


Jimmy Beaulieu, a French speaking colleague from Québec.

Chris Keller

Chris keller, with a very touching story about aging.


Amei Zhao signing my carnet. She came from Australia!


Seth !


Trina Robbins


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