The slope ahead

Here’s an overview of the works in progress and deadlines, for the edification of my fantastic fans.

Running towards new adventures and deadlines!

New SF short-stories completed in March (written on the laptop  inherited from my dad, a SF lover):

– 2 in French
– 2 English

News in submission:
– 4 submissions to contests and magazines in the last two weeks. Includes three completed mentioned above, and an English translation of a new previously published.

New texts in progress:
– 3 English (end of March). I really enjoyed a 6-week workshop hosted online by Dean Wesley SmithHis writing philosophy was bang on my weaknesses. Down with procrastination!

Foreign language publications
– 1 in the Russian Supernovia review published in January.

– 1 French, subject to competition in late February.


19th in the planning stage (50 000 words)
18th in writing, scheduled to end in early April (60 000 words)
17th accepted with corrections 
(27 000 words)
16th is currently in print


My graphic novel Wind Mistress: page 38,39,40, and 41 scanned 42-43 in production.


– this one illustrating this column, the first done since the departure of my father. Note that the nature of the land on which the artist threads changes fast. Hence the slope in the title, as in a learning slope.

-One caricature done at the beginning of 2015, in support of Charlie Hebdo.

The promised project that drags its feet:

The trees – which has not gone too far! since the 24-24 when I began it!  It will be 22 pages… Tsssk, tsssk, tsssk!


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