A Cup of Hot Chocolate for the Soul : 5 Stories that Fill you with Hope

5 Chocolate-Rich Holiday Stories !

When days get shorter, we seek the comfort of a good book, with hot chocolate. These five stories are about trials and new beginnings, and how friendship or even love can bloom in any situation, as long as you don’t give up hope for the future.

Immerse yourself in five Holiday tales of compassion and courage, of wonders and sweetness by multi-award winner Michèle Laframboise, to enjoy with your favorite mug of warm chocolate !

Why those Holiday stories?

The first days of December are always difficult, for not only is the light dimming, but the news that bombards us discourages us with its darkness. Women’s rights, the rights of poor people to a life of dignity, access to the vote, respect for others, all the progress that I witnessed growing up are now under threat. The magic of the holidays seems very fragile like a crystal Christmas ball …

So these stories are about friendship and hope. On a human scale.

The 5 Chocolate Holiday Stories range from realism to fantasy and romance, and locations range from New York City to Toronto to the beautiful Appalachian countryside. However, the questions asked are as old as humanity. Is there any magic left at Christmas? Will I find a good man? A loyal friend? Can I protect my forest? We meet people struggling forward despite difficulties, mental illness, prejudices and the loss of their youthful ideal.

And the marvelous can spring from a wounded bird found in the cold, or from a stray delivery truck on a suburban street.

To learn more about 5 chocolate stories for the holidays

For a gentle respite

People who are caught in difficult health situations, forced to undergo expensive surgeries and suffering from illnesses, and their overwhelmed caregivers, also experience great stress. They yearn for a respite, a door ajar leading to a sweeter world.

So, a book, like hot chocolate, makes the reader forget their difficulties for a little moment of happiness.

We need an escape so badly!

Romances are often snobbed and called escape literature. But what’s wrong with wanting a respite, a break from this relentless pressure of negative information?

I have penned some heavy and dystopian science fiction (Ice Monarch, La ruche) that explored the excesses of capitalism running amok. But I also feel the need to write stories that caress, that appease.

And stories which can be put in all hands. English speakers often talk of “clean” romance (as if sexuality between consenting adults was immoral or dirty!) but I prefer the adjective sweet romance, which gives an idea of ​​sweetness, while promising the reader a certain restreint in graphic descriptions and/or swearing.

Hot chocolate for the soul !

I hope no one is left lonely or left out in the cold. And may the grieving souls find comfort in reading and music.

Do you remember the Chicken soup for the Soul collection? Well, a cup of chocolate for the soul is good too!

And, why not, read a good book while smelling the aroma of hot chocolate!

Practical info about those 5 chocolate-Rich holiday tales

The book contains three short and sweet romances, one magical Santa tale, and one friendship tale with birds.

Those chocolate-friendly Holiday tales are:

  • upbeat, hope-filled stories
  • all-ages friendly tales (what the English call “clean & wholesome” but I prefer to say sweet)
  • featuring colorful women who overcome difficulties and prejudices
  • Covering from the Winter solstice to Christmas Eve.
  • Any story can be read on a bus ride to work (3000 to 7400 words)

Useful links to offer those 5 holiday tales as a present

More info about 5 Chocolate-Rich Holiday Stories on the publisher’s site

Order the book from the main selling platforms

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