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October in Oregon


Back from an intense Master Business workshop geared for independant SF&F and genre authors, in Lincoln City, Oregon. The class was held near the ocean, that was all except Pacific!

Michèle à la plage

None of us even thought about swimming on this smotth beach. The waves are 15-foot tall, and crashed in a loud BROOOOM! The area has to deplore one-two dead annually from the « sneaky waves ».

IMG_20171028_200037MerRochesHumans, to the scale of the waves…

A lot of subjects were discussed, but if I can find one advice now for my writer friends, it is to plan ahead for your intellectual patrimony (IP – intellectual property), not only to keep it in your hands, but to eventually transfer it to your heirs.


A few pictures taken on the beach and in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Les vagues dans toute leur puissanceThe waves in all their power. Photo taken from the 4th story.

Comment l'hôtel épouse la falaiseAt this hotel hugging the cliff, you enter on the 9th and go down to your room. The beach is all the way down. The high tide can reach over the concrete steps.

Pour une auteure de SF, quelle aubaine que ces algues emmêlées!For a SF writer, those big algeas are a nice find!

IMG_20171027_173037bois800Detail on the driftwood.

Fleurs de plage. non identifiées.Unidentified flowers, at the salted and moist sand near the Inn at Spanish Head. Try to find the name for the Sunday artist!

L'avenue principale = l'autoroute 101Running on the 101 sidewalk : Lincoln City.

Don’t forget the tsunami possibilities.

Les trois "soeurs" de la baie.

Siletz Bay, where the water is calm. A natural park has been settled, because seals visit this beach. Didn’t see one in my morning runs, but some author friends did.

My dream, a bookshelf with the RIGHT proportions for pocket-sized novels! North by Northwest bookstore.


After a good run in my LC 2016 race shirt, at the Inn…

L'entrée de l'Anchor Historical Inn
The Anchor Historical Inn entrance. The sailor seated on the canoe on the left is a mannequin.


For the end : a pumpkin disguised in a Westfalia…
Happy Halloween!


My first of July wish

Les premières framboises (c) Michèle Laframboise

The rest will come along!


A new generation of raspberries

A promise of summer abundance


Gardening Moment

If  last december weather let me do some gardening, April and May have been cold, windy, rainy… as the recent Mississauga marathon showed.

Now, the call of spring was stronger!

Here are some stars of my June garden…


Clematis, Peonies, and a daisy growing at the foot of a brick wall!

This week has been the first  that let me indulge in my two favorite leisures: gardening and…

The happy author finding treasures in garage sales

I always find a lot of hidden treasures in those garage sales! This time I returned with a small wooden writing table that I’m already using.


Dwarf Planet, Big Flaming Ice Heart!

PLuto surprised everyone with this heart-shaped geological  feature

(Pluto photographied by LORRI and Ralph instruments on the New Horizons, spacecraft)

Pluto is technically a  dwarf planet since 2006, but it changes nothing to the sense of wonder. Pluto surprised everyone with this heart-shaped geological feature!

Colors are boosted since only a small fraction of our sunlight reaches the Pluto system. The dwarf planet has known activity periods, and this 2000 km wide flaming heart maybe composed of nitrogen ice.

New satellites (Hydra, Nix since 2004,  Kerberos and Styx) added themselves to the larger Charon).

The sense of wonder of those pictures should not make us forget the long years of preparation by NASA astronomers and other teams, the nine-year voyage of the New Horizons craft, travelling more than 5 billions km in spirals to take advantage of the Jupiter sling-shot effect to boost acceleration.

Science, unlike movies where everything goes fast (problem detection,  hypothesis, analysis, solution finding), needs time. Reality is years of painstaking preparation for a few second of scintillating results.  Followed by more months and years of analysis, that may help us to learn more about the solar system origins. The freshly transmitted pictures show impressive mountains and canyons…

A solitary cardinal

A solitary cardinal perches on the vines

A northern cardinal perches on the vines
reminding me of my departed father
an enthousiast bird watcher
who left me all his guides!

May the next year be filled with light and creativity!


Violet beauty

Violet beauty

A close-up of a magnificient Lily in full bloom. Picture taken near a garden, in Montréal. I was on site for a comic arts event, the FBDM.


Colorful neighbours

Colorful neighbours

This pic was taken last February in my garden, by minus 20 Celsius. The northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis, don’t you love Latin!) and the dark-eyed junco (Junco hyemalis) seemed to observe a truce, in order to keep their energy. They nestled in the center of a wildrose bush invaded by the vines. The junco appears more blue than gray.

Below is a better view of the cardinal, before the approach of a squirrel had the two birds hopping away. (In this very dense foliage, none could immediately fly away.)

The cardinal by minus 20 C

Those pics were taken through the windowpane, so the diminished/whitish colors were accentuated afterward in Gimp.

Summer smiles

Summer is here, and blooming! Here are a few smiles from my garden. You may use the pics at your convenience!


Perfectly ripe! Nature is as generous as last year, and we have to invite neighbors to gather the fruits!

More raspberries

Ze mighty raspberry patch!

(Yes you may have some, provided you come here!)

An unexpected guest!

An unexpected guest! Last year and the  year before, I thought those sticks sprouting from my peonies were weeds (and you know how I deal with weeds...)

The wisteria is no more, but we have some unusual four-legged visitors!!

A Wabbit! I saw a Wabbit!

Never letting his or her guard down. Always on the ready. Cottontails lead difficult lives in this urban environment, what with the cars (Mississauga is the dream city for car dealers) and the wide streets and arteries. They come out veeery early in the morning.

Shedding Wabbit, seen on my early morning run.

This one was spotted on another street, during my 5h00 early-morning run. Note that the winter spotted fur is shedding, revealing the lighter brown fur. Fortunately, our two huntresses are safely inside the house.

Bah! Huntresses, those furballs? Maggie et Minnie are VERY dangerous. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Our two fierce huntresses, Maggie and Minnie, taking a break. (Picture taken on another day.)

And, last but not least, the ultimate proof that summer in upon us… a fiery day-lily (hemerocalle)!

Fiery Hemerocalle

Yes you can!

(…use it as a background picture.)

Spring smiles

For you all, I offer those few smiles from my garden. You may use the pics at your convenience!

Prunus flowers

The pale pink blossoms against the dark red leaves of the exotic Prunus

Pensées tendres

Two tender pansies already gone


Three luminous daisies in the shadow

Wisteria Violet

…across from the trio of daisies, wisterias bloom. They had waited three years!

Les petites fleurs bleues

Shy blue flowers like a forget-me-not

Pivoines souriantes

Peonies in full glory !

Les bonnets

Raised arms violet flowers, non identified yet.

Lupins pourpres

The Lupines- and all others plants – do appreciate the garden composter!