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Two sand sailing vehicle in hot pursuit!

Honor Road (SF, extract)

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Mistress of the Winds, 2022 Echofictions, Mississauga, 92 p. September 2022
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Maîtresse des vents, un récit de l’univers des jardiniers, 92 p. Echofictions 2022 – 92 pages, in French
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OtakuLadiesCouverture5 Copy

The Otaku Ladies are a trio of talented geek ladies solving (and sometimes creating!) problems in a cyber-environment. B&W, 24 pages. Sunday Artist Studios / Cyber-Punk, humor / 2013

Ruego Cover / Story by Jean-Louis Trudel, Salvator Dallaire, Art & adaptation by Michele Laframboise

On Ruego, danger is everywhere – SF graphic novel – Sunday Artist Studio 2013


La plume japonaise, manga -adventure – humor – SF  find it on Amazon-Kindle

A comic Cover from Sunday Artist Studio: The General's Garden

Before he was an adolescent, Chaaas was a very naugthy Gardener / comic Cover from Sunday Artist Studio: The General’s Garden


Séance de signatures – The author at her signing table! -Graphic novel, humor

If only Karine could get Leonid's talent ... And then she gets it. With consequences.

If only Karine could have Leonid’s talent… And then she gets it. With consequences. — Graphic novel, 1997– Urban fantasy, romance/ Find it on Amazon /


Other works

Duk-Prah, chasseur d’emplois (1997) Zone convective, Montréal, 18 p.

Les Polytechniciennes (1996) 400 Coups, 48 p.

Technologie salvatrice! (1992) Phylactère, 44 p.

Aventures écologiques (1987) autoédition, 44 p.