Mistress of the Winds

Mistress of the Winds follows a young girl in the Gardener’s civilisation. The graphic novel had been published by Echofictions, with B&W interior pages. Get it there! 

Some sketches

First sketches of a page (I typed in French) in the graphic software.

Adalou page 15 first sketch

The same, penciled on bristol paper

Adalou page 15 blue-green pencilling

The finished B&W page with gray tones and lettering added.


A later page

This was a page added in the story ; this time, I started in French to position the dialogues; penciling on Clip Studio


The same page after adding lines, lettering and gray tones.


Aquatic encounter

An exploration in colors, blue pencils on sketch paper. Adalou swimming in the sea, over a huge aquatic local whale.

Aquatic passing by

The page was inked on Strathmore Bristol paper. The tones were added to the scanned drawing. It was supposed to be an exploration, but  I was so pleased with the results that I integrated the full page in the story.

Aquatic Encounter

Mistress of the Winds, 92 pages Echofictions.