Sunday Artist Studio

Sunday Artist Studio is an independant publisher of  YA and all age comics.

Sunday Artist Studio is an independant publisher of YA and all-ages comics.

Latest releases

Otaku Ladies Front Cover

Otaku Ladies : Control Game

The Otaku Ladies are a trio of geek and savvy ladies solving (and sometimes creating!) problems  in a cyber-environment. B&W, 24 pages.

General Garden Frort Cover

The General’s Garden
Chaaas and his friends creep into a retired general’s garden, hoping to pluck his exotic fruits. But the general’s faithful gardener is watching! B&W, 24 p. 2013

Negociations front cover

When you are sent to deep space encountering a mysterious aliens, you need a nose for negotations! B&W, 8 p., silent comic suitable for young children.

Ruego front cover

Ruego (for more mature readers)

Random attacks on human worlds forces three human federations to ally against the mysterious Mowos. Hot the enemy trail, a detachment lands on Ruego, where they find a lost human colony, descended from a wrecked ship castaways. How did those almost savage survived there, despite the powerful Mowos? What dark seceret lies behind their harsh customs ? Which federation can lay claim on the stranded vessel… and the planet?   For the three rival commenders, time is running short…

B&W, 20 pages/ French reformatted edition: 24 p.

Coming soon…

Honor Road (sample page)

Honor Road, page one

In the Gardener’s society, follow Chaas, a hot-headed adolescent. Friendship and hardships lead him on a dangerous quest…

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