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Political Musings : What Do I Want to Conserve?

Thinking about our values, and which ones do we want to conserve?


Personal musings at the end of a long election  campaign.

What do I want to conserve?

Our environment, because without an hospitable planet, there’s no viable economy!

Social diversity as much as biological, guaranteeing humanity’s long-term survival.

Sciences and education, because we will need all the available heads to solve issues born from the past, to face the challenges ahead. (No, there are no piranhas in the St. Lawrence River, but other exotic creepers such as Asian carp threaten these places.)

Public support for the artists, magazines and cultural organizations, for without creativity, without imagination, where are we going?

I need a cultural diffuser as CBC-RadioCanada because no eventual “official organ of the Party” will replace it  A mari usque ad mare. (As a Franco-Ontarian, the CBC is our own French language buoy! )

I am a staunch conservative for human dignity, honesty, and the liberty for women to choose their own path in life.

I want to get back to what is, for me, the original meaning of the word “religion“, reli-connected + ion-all, “to connect all”: building bridges between people, multiplying loaves of bread instead of fences.

Walking Wallets

Who are the tax payers


Those using the term “tax payers” are not only stating that people as walking
wallets, they exclude many amoins us who contribute positively to society. 

Among others:

– Those too poor to pay return taxes on their income (and the very poor, the homeless, etc.)

– Small-wage earners, paying a 13% tax on purchases (except food and some
goods). This tax rate is only slightly less than many large companies, nominally
taxed at 15%! And they pay hidden fees on many services (and pay more with

– Retired who have worked all their lives for trivial pensions, made by
companies that have played at the casino with?

– Children and students.

– Large companies and their CEOs who send their profits in tax havens!

And when I hear “hard-working”, I always ask myself: are some people soft-working? Certainly not my fantastic fans!

The Free Comic Book Day at Streetsville

The Free comic book day at Steetsville

Well, I totally missed the TCAF, but my experience at the 2011 Free comic book day at Streetsville was a happy one. The artist tables were on the parking next to the Image Collection shop at Streetsville. The artist under the white cap is Christopher Yao, supported by his wife.

Superman and Gilles

Our families play a great role! My husband with Superman. Up, up, and away!

Michele and Tiff with Joker make-up

It was a place to meet colleagues of all ages and places! Here Tiff, who participated in the last 24-24 at Image Collection. She was making Joker-inspired make-up. I don’t sport my Quark’s Bar T-shirt often, so enjoy!

Daniel Wong

The open port-folio of Daniel Wong, co-creator of Celtic Shaman, with Chris McQuaid

Mark and the supporting family!

My table neighbor, Mark Bertolini and his portfolios.

Mark BreakNeck

Mark Bertolini, creator of Breakneck

.one signing

One drawing on my comic book The General’s Garden

Richard Comely, creator of Captain Canuck!

Richard Comely, creator of Captain Canuck!

CaptainCanuck & Michele (love the T-Shirt!)

As it was getting cooler, I put back my 24-24 red-black polar fleece.

Todd with a super-Todd drawing

Todd and super-Todd! with a glimpse of Chris Mc Quaid in the Canada shirt.

 SuperTodd drawingAn enlarger view of the drawing.

The Green Lantern

And the Green Lantern was here! In person!