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I Should Be Writing…

I should be writing, but I can't resist the call of the garden


I can’t resist the call of the garden…

There’s a spring rivality between the two activities. So the next novel will wait a little!


Gardening Moment

If  last december weather let me do some gardening, April and May have been cold, windy, rainy… as the recent Mississauga marathon showed.

Now, the call of spring was stronger!

Here are some stars of my June garden…


Clematis, Peonies, and a daisy growing at the foot of a brick wall!

This week has been the first  that let me indulge in my two favorite leisures: gardening and…

The happy author finding treasures in garage sales

I always find a lot of hidden treasures in those garage sales! This time I returned with a small wooden writing table that I’m already using.



Winter Gardening


Yes, a heat record for the Toronto area! The winter solstice has changed…

Fun at the Signing Table – Spring Gardening

The joys of gardening, when spring is late!

The joy of gardening, when spring comes so late!

This comic was “drawn in the dark“.

Imagined, scenarised, pencilled and inked on my Intuos wacom tablet between 8 am and 14h30 today. English translation thirty minutes later.

Do your plants drink coffee?

Are your plants drinking coffee?