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Colorful neighbours

Colorful neighbours

This pic was taken last February in my garden, by minus 20 Celsius. The northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis, don’t you love Latin!) and the dark-eyed junco (Junco hyemalis) seemed to observe a truce, in order to keep their energy. They nestled in the center of a wildrose bush invaded by the vines. The junco appears more blue than gray.

Below is a better view of the cardinal, before the approach of a squirrel had the two birds hopping away. (In this very dense foliage, none could immediately fly away.)

The cardinal by minus 20 C

Those pics were taken through the windowpane, so the diminished/whitish colors were accentuated afterward in Gimp.

The Sunday Artist is a proud 2013 Trillium Award finalist!


My YA novel Mica, fille de Transyl is a 2013 Trillium Award finalist!

Organised by the Ontario Media Development Corporation, the Trillium awards reward literary excellency in Ontario.

The OMDC supports the province’s creative economy by providing innovative programs, services and funding for the film & television; book & magazine publishing; interactive digital media & music industries.

Moreover, this year, two of the three YA novels belong to the spec-fic genre (outright science fiction for me, anticipation for my colleague Daniel Marchildon). The third novel is in a more familiar crime story genre.

So, as I predicted, SF is finally rising as an acceptable literary genre. It has taken a long undergroung toil and 14 SF novels from my part, to get to see this.

Here, a pic ofthe three Trillium Finalists… at the opening of the Timmins first book fair in April 2008|

From left to right: Daniel Marchildon, Claude Forand, Michèle Laframboise, happily signing together!


“Les vents de Tammerlan” reaps an Aurora Award

My 2008 YA novel Les vents de Tammerlan (Winds of Tammerlan) was awarded the Aurora Prize for best novel in French published in Canada, Friday August 7th. The award ceremony for Canadian SF writers was held at the Anticipation WorldCon, at Montréal.

Christian, Danielle Martinigol et Michèle avec son trophée AuroraChristian Taralle, French author Danielle Martinigol and Michèle with her Aurora trophee.

Élisabeth et Michèle au banquet des Auroras.Élisabeth Vonarburg, Anticipation guest of honor, and Michèle, at the Aurora banquet, (before the announcements).

J’avais aussi deux nouvelles finalistes au Prix, mais c’est « Le Dôme de Saint-Macaire », de Jean-Louis Trudel (Solaris 167) qui a remporté le prix pour la meilleure nouvelle.

In English, the novel Marseguro, by Edward Willett (DAW Books), which I read, has been rewarded.

Lauréats des prix AuroraAurora winners. The Sunday artist is wearing red!

From left to right, the ceremony host, Liana Kerzner, Jean-Louis Trudel, Joel Champetier (Solaris magazine), Michèle Laframboise, Karl Johanson (NeoOpsis), Ed Willett.

Upon receiving the award, I congratulated all finalists.

The Aurora trophee is fortunately easy to take apart. The wooden base and all sharp metallic parts fitted in a back-sac. As I departed to Mississauga with tons of books, I left the trophee at my parent’s Montréal home.

My new comic book is out in two languages

Le jardin du général

Le jardin du général

The General’s Garden is now out in French in Montréal.  It is a hard-cover comic, its run limited to 100 copies. A collector’s item. This comic book is also a spin-off from the Chaaas’ series set in an original SF universe, exploring an event in the main character’s childhood. It is drawn in my personal manga style, and the material is adequate/convivial for young readers.

The English version has been out last month, and more than half the initial run has been sold since, especially at the last TCAF


Find my comics at The Beguiling, Toronto and Image Collection, Mississauga

(see http://www.michele-laframboise.com/en/GeneralGarden.htm )



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