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Why my Reading Pile is always Growing

Why my reading pile is growing, Art and writing by Michèle Laframboise


My pile is always growing. Here is a snapshot of the current pile. The yellow
paper-riddled book (under the Revue Planches) is The Algal Bowl, Overfertilisation of the World’s Freswaters  and Estuaries, which I consult often. Plus a number of unopened magazines I suscribe to…

Part of my current reading pile

It’s a sad realisation that I will never have the time to read all the *good* books from my writers friends…  So I must proceed to a triage. If the story can’t retain my attention in the first 20 pages, I stop.  If I don’t like the direction of a 800-page book, I quit.

It’s always  difficult to tell a writer friend I won’t read her-his book. Most of them understand. I  taste a lot of different novels, even the 1100-page Donna Tartt bestseller received as a gift…

Summer Reading

At last, time to read...

My perfect holiday on a hammock with books and time!

Note the birdhouse  in the fir tree. My 15×70 binoculars wait on the ground besides the books. I have written very little (my 18th novel still awaits its conclusion), but I indulged in a reading feast! The Northern Ontario spoiled us: starry night, shooting stars, northern lights…

I have a hard time drawing trees , so drawing this illustration took the same amount of time as a full comic page! I made a first sketch of the hammock in pencil, then for certain, I took a photo of the tree in question (but not with the same angle, aaah!)

The books I read (I will leave them in the rented cottage as an informal exchange system):

Carl Hiaasen – Paradise Screwed – A series of satirical articles written for the Miami Herald Times between 1985 and 2000. Hilarious but a little sad, when the natural side of Florida is gradually disappearing under the peak for developers.

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Books are Swimming Pools

Diving in the summer reading! A book is like a swimming pool - Art and writing by Michèle Laframboise


Dive in, my fearless fans!
(But in real life, always check the water depth before!)

Meet my fans: The Zombie Fan (halloween special)

Over solicited fans walk kilometers in the big  book fairs, checking more than 700 stands, waiting in line for their favorite author, etc.  No wonder they pass your table, laden with heavy bags, their eyes blank…

The Zombie Fan at the signing table

This page comes from my ongoing collection Meet my Fans!

(French version here)

Yes, I am usually nicer to my faithful public!

I have “guesstimated” the average number of kilometers the public walk in an average book fair like the Salon du livre de Montréal: quite a lot! Around 6 kilometers (excluding the walk inside the Congress Center to get there! )

So, yes, reading is good for your health!