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What is Trendy Today…



What is trendy today… will have cooled down tomorrow! Don’t lose time chasing the latest fads!

As for the publishing delays, the new realities of the writing world have reduced them. Nevertheless, that advice stays: better write/draw what you love!



Fog Bow


Running at daybreak on August 11, I had the occasion to observe a strange meteorological phenomenon.

I was running on a small side road, making 3 km circuits. The morning mist floated above the hay fields, a large open space. Then the sun rose, and I had the wonderful surprise!  Continue reading

Connecting in the Bushes


the author trying to optimize her Wi-Fi signal!

The two events occurred… in separate instances.  Even on vacation, the author tries to optimize her WiFi signal!


My Resolution Run



Yes, we do watch the X-Files !

The Resolution Run is an annual event by organized by the Running Room. They hold bi-weekly runs open to every one, and in winter it is better to run in a group, because of the danger of falling on ice.

There was not much snow at the 2015 RR, but half-melted, darkened snowpacks were abundant. Despite what the comic may let you think, there were crews presents, cheering us at various points on the 5-km route, so no “dark” places. 

It was a good run with the moon peeking through the branches, ominous and magnificent.

More deadlines piling up…

Deadlines still piling up

One bookfair coming and the launch of my 16th novel… don’t leave a lot of free time to draw signing table gags!

Leaves and deadlines falling along…

Leaves and deadlines fallling


New engagements and events conspired to keep me from adding new pages on this blog. This fall had deadlines falling along with the leaves.

More to come, for I will be signing my new science fiction novel at the Montréal Bookfair.

My pet peeve

I hate the caps lock key

Fun at the Signing Table – Hyperboles, again!

Hyperboles and physics! Art and writing by Michèle Laframboise

Meddling with physics is still big fun for a SF writer!

Thanks to my hyperboles suppliers Pascal Colpron (eternity), Robin Dumont (hair) and André Lavoie (minus a thousand). The ET visitor comes from a Le Bob original creation.

Matter falling in a black hole get heated up, so much that it emits a stream of X rays. In the panel with the car in space, a Cygnus X1 like binary system is illustrated, a star with a companion black hole.

The mean universe temperature is about 3 Kelvin.  The fossil microwave picture is a courtesy of NASA.

The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking was an inspiration for the universe 4-dimensional models. The Hawking radiation is the name given to a black body radiation when a black hole evaporates.

As for the Big Crunch, well, there’s still some time before, if it happens!

A Half-Glass of Water


A coda to the yesterday entry... and a new solution to an old riddle?.


Fun at the Signing Table – Spring Gardening

The joys of gardening, when spring is late!

The joy of gardening, when spring comes so late!

This comic was “drawn in the dark“.

Imagined, scenarised, pencilled and inked on my Intuos wacom tablet between 8 am and 14h30 today. English translation thirty minutes later.