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2011 Clarion Write-a-Thon update

The 2011 Clarion UCSD Write-a-Thon is almost over!

The earnest SF writer working on her projects

Since the Clarion overlapped the end of the Whittaker contest, I worked harder and produced more new texts… and some SF poetry! I did modestly on the Whittaker final tally (310 points) but was gratified by the production boost.

Here is my  short fiction writing during the 6-weeks Clarion (counting two weeks of family vacation!) Feel free to visit my Write-a-Thon Writer page here to send a small contribution for the Clarion Foundation.

– The Robe (SF)

– Wrinkles (fantastic)

– A Short Stay at the Caracalla’s Resort (Dark SF)

– The Patroness (fantastic)

And for my current works in progress:

– about 10 000 words on the last novel in the Chaaas series

– near 5000 words on my next SF YA novel (52 000 words) to be published next February

– Writing on two short-fiction pieces in progress.

– Editing on the synopses on two other short novels

– Plus… 6 brand-new pages of a new SF graphic novel! (Extract here) I’m normally faster on the draw, but my free time is limited!