Who is the Sunday Artist?

DSC_0261 MichFleurREDFirst contact!

Michèle Laframboise a.k.a the Sunday Artist, works seven days a week, at new stories, novels, and graphic novels!

Beside trying first contact with strange flora, Michele’s ongoing mission is to introduce children and young adults to the many flavors of the literary ice cream, encouraging them to read, to learn and to persevere. A science-fiction lover since childhood, she has written 19 novels, and more than 60 short stories.

Her stories have been published in the French SF magazines Solaris, Galaxies, Géante Rouge, Brins d’Éternité, Tesseracts, and in English in Fiction River, Compelling Science Fiction, Future SF and Asimov’s. Her fiction has been translated into French, Italian and Russian.

Holding degrees in geography and engineering, she draws from her scientific background to create worlds filled with humor, invention and wonder.

As a proud science-fiction writer, her responsibility is to see far, to think ahead and find creative solutions to the many challenges that lay in the future.

The everyday work of in research, with the security measures (note the goggles, gloves, and the vent to evacuate the fumes)

In another life, she was a mad scientist, holding two Master degrees, in bio-geography and wastewater phosphorus removal.

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