Solo Flight

My father, Jacques Laframboise, left early this Saturday morning for his solo flight, without compass nor map.

A 1951 Ecole Polytechnique graduate, planes and air cushion vehicles were his passion. He was still writing an article about aerotrains and computing figures on his hospital bed. Our current level of technology permitted that he passed away peacefully.

I will miss his sense of humor. But he was very serene about his going away.

My father was the first one who introduced me to science fiction.  And to graphic novels, that he read to us the evenings. He has always accepted and encouraged my love of nature and sciences, which I, in turn, endeavour to transmit to the new generations.

One response to “Solo Flight

  1. Il a toujours été passionné et positif quand j’ai passé des moments avec lui. Bon vol et mes sympathies Michèle, je penserai à lui longtemps.


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